The Complete Cabin Crew Guide
September 4, 2015
The Book

The Complete Cabin Crew Guide

Discover the secrets on how to pass your airline cabin crew job interview. Come journey with me as I guide you through the process from start to finish plus discover what goes on during the training and learn all about the glamorous and amazing lifestyle of  cabin crew.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Cabin Crew?
  • Minimum Requirements to Become a Cabin Crew
  • How to Apply for the Job as a  Cabin Crew
  • How to Create an Effective Resume
  • Sample Resume Format
  • Sample Job Objective for Cabin Crew
  • Airline Industry Key Words
  • Sample Cabin Crew Cover Letter
  • Your Pictures
  • How to Prepare for the Cabin Crew Job Interview
  • Things You Must Know About the Airline
  • Sample Confirmation Letter for the Job Interview
  • What to Wear For the Cabin Crew Job Interview
  • Cabin Crew Grooming Standards
  • How to Survive the Cabin Crew Job Interview
  • Mistakes to Avoid During the Cabin Crew Job Interview
  • 200 Frequently Asked Questions and the Recommended Answers
  • Questions You May Ask
  • Questions Not To Ask
  • Cabin Crew Written Exams
  • Cabin Crew Group Dynamics Activity
  • Cabin Crew Final Interview
  • Sample Thank You Letter
  • Cabin Crew Medical
  • Cabin Crew Background Investigation
  • What to Bring with You to Your New Base
  • Cabin Crew Training Schedule
  • How to Pass the Cabin Crew Training
  • A Day in the Life of a Cabin Crew
  • Tips to Survive Flying
  • Things to Pack in Your Flight Bag
  • Dealing with Jet Lag
  • How to Choose the Airline that's Best for You
  • Major Airlines and Their Codes
  • Country Capitals
  • Airport Codes
  • Military Time
  • UTC Time
  • List of Airlines and Their Websites